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Gentle suction drainage. With the very low but still active pressure, it is well suited for tissue-sensitive areas. Less risk of contamination compared to using a passive drain (1). Recommended to be used together with our silicone drains.

Surgical procedures

- Abdominal surgery

In comparison to passive drains, Abdovac gives a more controlled and reliable drainage.

Complete set

Bulb, drainage bag and catheter, with or without trocar. The set is sterile and ready to use.

Max suction pressure

25 mmHg / 3,3 kPa


Bulb 110 ml
Bag 700 ml

1. Aktiv kontra passiv drenasje ved laparotomier (Active versus passive drainage in laparotomies), Olsen Arild K, Tidskr. Nor Legeforen, no 31, 108: 2865

Abdovac Wound drainage Wellspect HealthCare

Product range

Ref No               Product
68413    3x10    Abdovac Set FG 10
68414    3x10    Abdovac Set FG 14
68415    3x10    Abdovac Set FG 18
68416    3x10    Abdovac Set FG 10 with trocar
68417    3x10    Abdovac Set FG 14 with trocar
68418    3x10    Abdovac Set FG 18 with trocar