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Vastrip vein strippers

Vastrip is the brand of the well-known Wellspect HealthCare vein strippers. The three different strippers can cover most of the stripping techniques, such as classic, invagination or PIN-stripping.

Vastrip Endex

Vastrip Endex is a product optimised for stripping of superficial varicose veins with the invagination technique. 

Small tip (2 mm) for first-rate cosmetic results
Straight or spiral tips available
Length of stripper 2,5 m
Olives included in ward box

Vastrip 2+

Vastrip 2+ has the most flexiable usage of all Vastrip strippers.
Two way stripper with straight and spiralformed tip
Hole in the tip for a ligature
Core of stainless steel gives stability
Three olives and handle included in each package

Vastrip Special

Vastrip Special is the original Vastrip product.
Spiral-formed tip
Stainless steel core gives stability
Choice of four olive sizes
Adjustable handle included

Vastrip Varicose Vein Strippers Wellspect HealthCare

Product range

Ref No               Product
67321    4x10    Vastrip 2+
67322    4x10    Vastrip Special