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Navina™ Classic for TAI

Establishing a regular bathroom routine can be difficult if you are living with chronic constipation, incontinence or time-consuming bowel management procedures. Fortunately, Navina Classic offers a user-friendly solution for those looking to get their bowel management back on track with Transanal irrigation (TAI).

TAI can save a lot of time and frustration when conservative methods such as diet, lifestyle changes and stool modifying methods are not effective. When used regularly, TAI establishes a predictable pattern for bowel movements that not only keeps your system in healthy working order, but also restores a sense of control, dignity and freedom. 

Navina™ Classic is a manually controlled application for performing TAI that has been developed in cooperation with both users and healthcare providers. With some practice and in consultation with your healthcare professional, using Navina Classic can help simplify and speed up the irrigation procedure. The TAI procedure with Navina Classic lets you decide where and when to empty your bowel with confidence, giving you more options for work, travel or just getting out.