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Halleberg Nyman M, Gustafsson M, Langius-Eklof A, Johansson JE, Norlin R, Hagberg L (2013)
Intermittent versus indwelling urinary catheterisation in hip surgery patients: a randomised controlled trial with cost-effectiveness analysis
Evidence of faster return of normal bladder function after surgery when practicing intermittent catheterisation with LoFric compared to using indwelling catheters
Study on 170 hip surgery patients.

Pettersson-Hammerstad K, Jonsson O, Svennung IB, Karlsson AK (2008)
Impaired renal function in newly spinal cord injured patients improves in the chronic state--effect of clean intermittent catheterisation?
Study shows that improvement of renal function after SCI is most evident in patients practicing intermittent catheterisation.
3-5 year follow-up of 169 patient using LoFric intermittent catheters or indwelling catheters.

Mistry S, Goldfarb D, Roth DR (2007)
Use of hydrophilic-coated urethral catheters in management of acute urinary retention 
An example of LoFric use to treat acute urinary retention.

Vaidyanathan S, Krishnan KR, Soni BM, Fraser MH (1996)
Unusual complications of intermittent self-catheterisation in spinal cord injury patients
Case report on 3 rare events solved by LoFric use.

Bakke A, Brun OH, Hoisaeter PA (1992)
Clinical background of patients treated with clean intermittent catheterisation in Norway 
Gives statistical information on the use of intermittent catheterisation for persons with different disabilities.
13 month study on 302 users (95% LoFric).